Mainframe, DBA, BI Services


Systems Programming ZOS, CICS, DB2, MQ


  • ■ Stand up Cisco Cloud Starter Edition
  • ■ Cisco Intelligent Automation Cloud (CIAC)
  • ■ Cisco Cloud Portal (CCP)
  • ■ Cisco Services Portal (CSP)
  • ■ Cisco Process Orchestrator (CPO)


  • Business Intelligence

    Synertech is working to offer online courses for CIAC with a live instructor. Users can log in from anywhere in the world into our Synertech Training Center to attend the class and we will provide all course material and lab pods for training.


    Competitive enterprises today understand IT outsourcing and IT managed services help them change the economics of their IT operating environments for both applications and infrastructure. As many as 75% of enterprises choose to selectively outsource their IT functions. Synertech has a team of technical resources, residing locally in the US and native English speaking, that is experienced into delivering IT solutions right at your doorstep. Regardless if it's a long term project or you want an outsourced IT staff to support a particular product, Synertech has the resource for you. We can provide all managed services remotely as well. Contact us to learn more about what Synertech managed services may fit your IT needs.


    STA Scheduler

    TES Implementation

    Synertech provides full end to end turn key implementation services for the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. From installation, job setup and migration, training, to go live support, you can be sure that Synertech can effectively and quickly implement your scheduling solution and quickly realize the return on investment. Quality and consistency are key values you expect from Synertech at competitive price point.

    Tidal Scheduler Training

    Synertech provides training for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler both onsite and remote.


  • ■ Operator Training (one-half day)
  • ■ Intermediate Training (two days)
  • ■ Advanced Training (one day)
  • ■ Administrator Training (one day)
  • ■ Transporter Training (one-half day)

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  • Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Upgrades

    With the recent End of Life annoucement of TES 5.3.1, Synerterch understands the importance of keeping your investment current and supported. We are the only partner in Cisco to have the most extensive experience and access to Cisco proprietary upgrade tools in upgrading Cisco's customers to the latest release of TES. Talk to us today and understand what it takes to quickly and safely upgrade your TES environment to the latest release and start reaping the benefits of your scheduling solution.

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    TES Migration/Conversion Services

    Are you suffering from long delays or lack of skilled resources in moving your legacy scheduler to TES? Did you just make an acquisition and want to consolidate datacenter automation into a single TES instance? Regardless of the excuse or issue, Synertech can help you seamlessly migrate or convert existing jobs from any legacy system into TES. We can either re-engineer your jobs to take advantage of Tidal's unique features or simply provide an automated job conversion. Tell us what you have and our consultants can help you plan and execute to minimize any downtime and distruption to your business operation.

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    TES Assessment and Optimization

    Synertech understands that your Tidal installation by now has become a mission critical component to your overall business operation. Any downtime or issues may cause significant disruption to your business with rippling monetary effects. Why not protect your investment and operation by having Synertech provide you with our Periodic Assessment Services. Our team of experts will validate and verify that you are using Tidal as it was designed, and following all the established best practice standards. From architecture, application, down to performance tuning, our consultants will perform a thorough assessment. At the end of the engagement, whether we do this onsite or remotely via WEBEX, we will deliver a compresensive report with findings and recommendations on items that we see as risks or bottlenecks to your overall Tidal environment.
    Tidal Reporting
  • Out of the box approx. 60 queries that provide additional analysis on Tidal data not provided by the Tidal application. The queries range from audit reports to monitoring reports, dependency charts and historical analysis
  • Additional retention of Tidal data outside of the Tidal defined retention period. The data can be kept as long as is required separate from the live Tidal system thereby reducing the need to maintain historical data for a long period in Tidal, which will improve Tidal performance
  • Queries against the TIDAL REPORTING application can be scheduled using Tidal scheduling or on demand by a user
  • Query output can be in the format of a .CSV (or Excel) file, PDF format
  • User can control output from queries, sorting and selection criteria
  • Business views based on current scheduled jobs will can automatically be generated
  • Completely configurable as to what functions are available to users of the system
  • Frequency of updated data from TIDAL can be configured, from almost instantaneous to hourly, or daily
  • User can add additional queries to system, they will be handled similar to OOTB queries
  • LDAP integration (optional)
  • New queries can be requested and will become available to all users that have a maintenance agreement
  • Windows and Linux OS are both supported, for database Oracle and SQL Server are both fully supported, if TIDAL supports the platform the reporting application will also support it. New releases of Tidal will also be supported soon after a new Tidal release is available.

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  • Application and Web Development

    Cloud Solutions

    With the advancement in virtualization, and every business racing to leverage the cloud to streamline and consolidate, you can count on Synertech giving you the expert advise and hands-on implementation to building your Cloud infrastructure. Regardless if you are Saas, Paas, or Iaas, we have the right experts in helping you architect, implement, and deploy a cloud solution that fits your needs.


  • ■ Amazon Cloud EC2
  • ■ VMware vCenter/ESX/ESXi
  • ■ Microsoft Hyper-V
  • ■ SCALAR
  • ■ Microsoft Clustering
  • ■ VMware HA
  • ■ NAS/DAS/Storage Solutions
  • ■ iSCSI, Fiber
  • Twitter and Web Analytics

    The past couple years have been exciting for social networking and media. We can provide custom Twitter analytics for conventions, conferences, concerts, sports events, general media, and environent tracking, or anything else you can think of regarding real-time "social motion". To date, we have had success in this arena for companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Gartner and others during their worldwide conventions. Let is know what your social media needs are.

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    Database Services and Support

    Synertech has DBA resources who can help manage your databases and clusters. From database tuning to being an administator of the product, we can give you the extra support you need to ensure data is managed well. Our expertise is in both Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Oracle 11g.

    Microsoft Product Suite Support

    Synertech is also a strong proponent of Microsoft software and technology, and have done many implementations related to SQL Server, Exchange, and Web Servers. We can help build, deploy, and provide maintenance support on all key Microsoft products used in your enterprise environment.

    Mainframe Consulting

    There are not that many of these experts left in today's hyped distributed platform market. Synertech understands that even though the paradigm has shifted in the IT industry, the biggest businesses along with mission critical systems still run on mainframe. Synertech's old school approach continues to provide mainframe expertise to your mission critical infrastructure. Let us help you manage the infrastructure and ensuring your investement in these systems is protected.

    Support and Monitoring

    24/7 Support

    Todays enterprise applications can be "high maintenance". We provide 24/7 should you require help during critical outages. Please contact us directly to inquire about this service and other support offerings.


    We have consultants that can help you upgrade, patch, streamline and monitor your ERP system. We specialize in supporting ERP systems with both SQL Server and OpenEdge databases. In addition to these services we also include performance tuning to help you get the most out of your ERP application.
  • ■ ERP Installations
  • ■ ERP patch upgrades
  • ■ VM and Physical Environment Designs
  • ■ ERP Database Conversions
  • ■ ERP Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring

    We all know how critical monitoring can be. Why wait for users to tell you something is down? For smaller shops monitoring may not be in place, but for TES, we can certainly provide that. Let us know your needs and we can set up real time monitoring and alerts that will proactively tell you when there is an issue. Furthermore you can trend your servers to identify the root. Please let us know your needs and we can tailor this to suit your environment.

    Operator Assistance

    We have operators standing by to monitor your critical job scheduling environment at a reasonable cost. Trained specifically in using TES you can be assuring your jobs are running smoothly. Please contact us for details.