Tidal Training Services

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Training

Below are the list of Training courses offered by Synertech to enhance your knowledge of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. All classes can be either onsite or online.

Operator Training (one-half day)
  • Overview of TIDAL Enterprise Scheduler Architecture.
  • Overview Of Scheduling
  • Job Definitions
  • Job Parameters
  • Job Dependencies
  • Variables
  • Agents and Agent Lists
  • Operator Alerts
  • Job Classes, Queues and Resources
  • Reporting
    Intermediate Training (two days)
  • Learning concepts of job scheduling
  • Creating, monitoring, and interacting with jobs from beginning to successful completion
  • Specifying required fields
  • Setting job rules and defining critical schedule dependencies
  • Understanding key TES objects such as calendars, variables, events and actions, classes, queues, agent lists, and resources
  • Generating performance reports
    Advanced Training (one day)
  • Calendars
  • Dependencies
  • Events
  • Security, Users, And Workgroups Business Views
  • FTP Jobs
  • Maintenance Outage
  • System Resources
  • Additional Scheduling Features
    Administrator Training (one day)
  • Architecture – Covers how the different parts of TES are joined together
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Multiple Agent Environments
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Licensing
  • Re-installation, Architectural Changes
  • Disaster and Recovery
  • Upgrades
  • Fault Tolerance – what it is and what it is not! How it works
  • Performance Tuning – how to get the best performance from TES
    Transporter Training (one-half day)
  • Overview of the Transporter – Transporter Architecture
  • Database Connection
  • Understanding the Interface – Data Objects
  • Additional Features
  • Running Transporter in Batch Mode – Best Practices

    2013 Online Class for TES

    Synertech is proud to offer online courses for TES with a live instructor. The online courses have the exact same course description and agenda as the onsite training. The key difference is users can log in from anywhere in the world into our Synertech Training Center to attend the class.

    Please Contact Us for details.
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