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Conversions, Upgrades and Support

Certified Gold partner with STA

TES Implementation
Synertech provides full end to end turn key implementation services for the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. From installation, job setup and migration, training, to go live support, you can be sure that Synertech can effectively and quickly implement your scheduling solution and quickly realize the return on investment. Quality and consistency are key values you expect from Synertech at competitive price point.

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Upgrades
With the recent End of Life annoucement of TES 5.3.1, Synerterch understands the importance of keeping your investment current and supported. We are the only partner in Cisco to have the most extensive experience and access to Cisco proprietary upgrade tools in upgrading Cisco's customers to the latest release of TES. Talk to us today and understand what it takes to quickly and safely upgrade your TES environment to the latest release and start reaping the benefits of your scheduling solution.

Tidal Scheduler Training
  • Operator Training (one-half day)
  • Intermediate Training (two days)
  • Advanced Training (one day)
  • Administrator Training (one day)
  • Transporter Training (one-half day)
  • Why Us?
  • Successfull and profitable business since 1990
  • 20 Consultants; 8 Dedicated to Tidal services
  • Began Tidal engagements since 2009
  •  –	Certified Cisco Global Partner and Subcontractor 
     –	Consulted on STA purchase of Tidal in 2017 
     –	Since the purchase of Tidal we are Certified STA Partner 

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