Tidal Automation at a Glance

Project Management

  • Automates and orchestrates scheduled job workloads and event-based business processe
  • Integrates the applications these processes use
  • Determines which tasks to run - and where and when to run them - withough the need for human intervention, customization or knowledge of new scripting language


  • Centrally schedules, automates and manages workloads and processes across multiple systems, applications, platforms, databases, middleware and infrastructure - all within a single interface
  • Defines and manages cross-application processes with centralized process management and error recovery
  • Aligns processes with global business calendards and events, ensuring processes are executed in a timely and consistent manner
  • Ensures policy compliance by providing process operations security, managing outage windows and managing execution audit logs
  • Runs any job anywhere - on-premises, cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud - in whatever deployment the user wants
  • Delivers high resilience with built-in state-of-the-art disaster recovery