Tidal Services

Synertech has been doing Tidal engagements since 06/2011. We have Tidal consultants in the following specialty fields, Engineers (Installation and Upgrades), Trainers for all aspects of Tidal Automation, Administrators (Manage your scheduling environment) and Operators to run your schedule.

Synertech Products

Tidal Mass Update Utility

  • Do mass updates on selected Tidal Jobs and email actions.
  • Dynamic job selection.
  • Preview option.
  • Updates made using the Tidal REST API

Synertech’s Tidal Reporting product

  • Out of the box approx. 60 queries that provide additional analysis on Tidal data not provided by the Tidal application. The queries range from audit reports to monitoring reports, dependency charts and historical analysis.
  • Additional retention of Tidal data outside of the Tidal defined retention period. The data can be kept as long as is required separate from the live Tidal system thereby reducing the need to maintain historical data for a long period in Tidal, which will improve Tidal performance.
  • Queries against the TIDAL REPORTING application can be scheduled using Tidal scheduling or on demand by a user
  • Query output can be in the format of a .CSV (or Excel) file, PDF format
  • User can control output from queries, sorting and selection criteria
  • Business views based on current scheduled jobs will can automatically be generated
  • Completely configurable as to what functions are available to users of the system
  • Frequency of updated data from TIDAL can be configured, from almost instantaneous to hourly, or daily
  • User can add additional queries to system, they will be handled similar to OOTB queries
  • LDAP integration (optional)
  • New queries can be requested and will become available to all users that have a maintenance agreement
  • Windows and Linux OS are both supported, for database Oracle and SQL Server are both fully supported, if TIDAL supports the platform the reporting application will also support it. New releases of Tidal will also be supported soon after a new Tidal release is available.

Assessment Services for Tidal Automation Product


Application Assessment: Perform analysis of the following topics, compare to “Best Practices” and provide recommendations:

  • Identify current issues
  • Review System configuration
  • Security
  • Events/Actions
  • Notification process
  • Variable usage
  • Global Configuration
  • Default Configuration
  • Queues and agent outage management
  • Audit and retention policies

System Assessment: Perform analysis of the following topics, compare to “Best Practices” and provide recommendations

  • Server/Hardware assessment and resource usage
  • Admiral DB Checker for consistency
  • Database response and usage
  • Review configuration files and tune if necessary
  • Tune the master process (master.props)
  • Tune the client manager Process (clientmgr.props)
  • Tune the CM data store (synchronizer)–(tes-6.0.dsp)
  • Review patching level
  • Analyze Tidal logs internal messaging and errors

Tidal Managed Services

Maintain TWA Environment

  • Apply TA Patches
  • Install and configure new agents and adapters
  • Maintain Agents to current levels
  • Tune TA application as environment changes
  • Manage maintenance of “outage windows” on critical application servers
  • Use System Events to report on Tidal components
  • Fine tune security policy
  • Questions/Trouble Shoot issues pertaining to Tidal Product issues
  • On-call for issues related to agents and adapters in production system
  • Open product issues with Tidal Tech Support follow issues to resolution

Perform TA Health Checks

  • Monitor logs
  • Monitor system resources
  • Recommend best practice actions

Tidal Integrations

  • Autosys to Tidal conversion
  • Control-M to Tidal conversion
  • TWS to Tidal conversion
  • Conversion of SQL Server jobs to TIDAL SQL Server Adapter jobs
  • TIDAL REST API related application development
  • Conversion of TIDAL JDE Solution connection jobs to TIDAL JDE Adapter job
  • Conversion of TIDAL Informatica Solution connection jobs to TIDAL Informatica Adapter
  • Development of TIDAL SQL Queries, both SQL Server and Oracle, based on user requirements
  • Development of import utilities for Tidal jobs based on text files (Excel format)

Advanced Job Set-up

  • FTP jobs
  • Events and actions
  • Calendars
  • Various adapters job setup